Least Terns join the party on Massachusetts beaches

The least terns are the smallest terns found in the Americas. They winter mainly along the coastline of the northern region of South America. They breed in many parts of the United States, mainly on the open beaches and islands. In Massachusetts, least terns arrive right behind Willets typically by the first week of May.

As expected, I found my FOY pair of least terns on the beach today (May 5th). I had spent my entire morning photographing a flock of sandpipers chasing the waves. The sun was getting high in the sky, and the good light was quickly disappearing when I noticed a pair of Least Terns resting on the beach, mixed with the other sandpipers. 

Even though I hoped to find them on the beach, it was still a pleasant surprise. I can already hear tens of least terns filling up the beach with their shrilly ki-dik or high-pitched tsip-tsip-tsip calls. 

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