What my eyes seek in these encounters is not just the beauty traditionally revered by wildlife photographers. The perfection I seek in my photographic composition is a means to show the strength and dignity of animals in nature. - Frans Lanting

Every picture is worth a thousand words. I like to think my photographs tell a compelling story about the subject giving a broader context of the environment, behavior, mood, or just the magic of the moment I experienced in the field. I hope you enjoy the stories and my thoughts on why I like these photographs below.


Rock climber

Mountain goat navigates a steep, rugged mountain near Homer, AK.

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Territorial display by Red-necked grebes

Red-necked grebes protecting their nesting territory on a small lake in Nome, AK.

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Bubble display by Ruddy duck

Ruddy duck performs their comical courtship bubble display.

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Least Tern in the field of gold

An abstract image that captures the magic of a simple silhouette and golden bokeh balls.

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Stand-off between Willets

A bonded pair of Willets tries to fend off an intruder.

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Sanderlings resting on a beach

A flock of sanderlings huddle up to rest on a beach after a busy morning chasing waves.

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Morning with a Willet

A simple silhouette of a Willet, captured at sunrise on a beach in Hilton Head Island.

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Symphony in the sky

A flock of sandpipers flying into the rising sun.

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